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Peruvian Link Co. was established in 1997 to bring to you one of the world's finest fibers. Alpaca is used to make many of our gorgeous high-quality Alpaca garments and accessories, working with ethical and ecological Peruvian Producers who are fairly compensated for their technical abilities. Our mission at Peruvian Link is to help these artisans to be recognized for their talents and abilities, and to serve as a venue for their economic development as well as to offer a variety of high end apparel and accessories. Our products are unique and ever changing.

Using the latest technology available in the industry, Peruvian Link gets involved in the production of more than 80% of their products; from choosing and purchasing the fiber to designing and manufacturing the different garments and accessories. We realize that many artificial fibers are available and some of them being sold as Alpaca. The only way to ensure the highest quality of compositions are used in our products was to get involved in the production process. At this time Peruvian Link employs over two hundred people in Peru in more than 20 different groups from artisans to tailors and hand knitters, each of them specializing in what they do our products a richer finish.

Peruvian Link has two main headquarters; one in Amherst, Maine, USA and a production headquarter in Lima, Peru. From both locations we serve several hundreds of wholesale customers in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia; we count amongst our many famous clients some very well-known and successful catalog companies.

At Peruvian Link, we strive for the high quality of our products and satisfaction of our clients. Peruvian Link's job is done only when the customer of its client is satisfied.

Register your Farm, your Company on our website at and make sure to stop by our Booth at the next Alpaca Show to see our products live.

Peruvian Link has over 18 years of expertise, success and customer satisfaction; become one of our vendor and share this extraordinary experience with us!

Peruvian Link Co. — Established 1997

Peruvian Link Co.

Karina & Michael Pomroy
589 Airline Rd
Amherst, ME 04605

phone (207) 584-3200


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