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AOA Gold BenefactorNorTex Alpacas, LLC. started in 2011 as a small idea and three alpacas. Darrell and I thought it would be fun to have a few animals in the yard to look at and to help teach our, then young, children the responsibility of taking care of living creatures. Needless to say, we didn’t have our first few animals long before we were introduced to alpaca shows and our eyes were opened to another world that we previously hadn’t known existed. We have since grown into a quality, genetically diverse herd of alpacas used for breeding, sales, showing and pleasure. We travel the country to various alpaca events, including auctions, shows and workshops. Our goal is to continue to build a herd that will reliably produce award winning offspring; our philosophy is “Quality and Clients First”. After all, the cute little faces of the alpacas drew us in, but the amazing group of people we have had the pleasure of meeting in the alpaca industry stole our hearts!

NorTex Alpacas, LLC. — Established 2011

NorTex Alpacas, LLC.Darrell and Jennifer Bost
2890 County Road 613
Farmersville, TX 75442

phone (972) 742-8544

NorTex Alpacas, LLC.NorTex Alpacas, LLC.NorTex Alpacas, LLC.NorTex Alpacas, LLC.NorTex Alpacas, LLC.NorTex Alpacas, LLC.